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“Sport is part of the heritage of every man and woman, and nothing can compensate for its absence.”
Pierre de Coubertain

Long term courses


Master in European Sports Law

Addressed to train professionals aimed at providing service and coverage, both public and private institutions in the sports sector and professionals and athletes.

Madrid + Nueva York:

The sports trade in USA

As additional training for Master in European Sports Law, SoccerEmotions offers a second year in NY theoretical elements that allow learn about the sport and its marketing in addition to developing practices in companies and prestigious institutions in the United States.


Specific Courses

Aimed at future football coaches who wish to gain the official qualification of Level 1 and Level 2 in a comprehensive way, getting the B2 level of Spanish language in order to experience football with students, players and federated clubs in Barcelona.

Short Courses


Official training titling football coach at Level 1 and Level 2

SoccerEmotions offers football professionals, specific training courses on high-performance, physical training and sports coaching, in charge of high-level professionals specialists in each area.

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Your access to high-level facilities


…and the most complete range of services


Best experience in Barcelona for players, coaches and teams

In Barcelona, SoccerEmotions available to players, coaches, clubs, academies, federations and universities, the best facilities and the best personalized packs to combine sport and theoretical training and innovative practice with the best professionals. In addition, SoccerEmotions organizes everything a special stay in the city of Barcelona can offer athletes and sports professionals. 

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Analysis, conclusion and solution

Specialization in training athletes, teams and groups up to 100 participants is the cornerstone of SoccerEmotions. Our professional moving across five continents to develop clínics tailored to the needs of our customers, evaluating their performance and providing new methods and strategies to achieve the distinctive sporty touch.

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The great chance

SoccerEmotions by linking to high-level American universities and Americans in Spanish territory beaters, offers the possibility of channeling the first steps for the future of a great athlete.

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Be a professional player

SoccerEmotions has the best professionals agents with links internationally and with more than twenty years of experience that guarantee a consolidated personal fulfillment athlete with his professional career success.

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Successfully manages soccer.

Sport in general and football in particular is an industry that in recent years has been globalized, creating parallel sectors and interconnected such as marketing, sponsorships, international law, image rights, commercial organization and many others, who executed rightly, have a differentiating effect between an academy or club and its competitors. That added value makes a good club in a club reference. SoccerEmotions and his team of professionals in different sectors provide creative and sustainable projects and solutions.

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  • Managing the process to obtain visa
  • We help in the process of finding accommodation short and long term.
  • Personalized support for both academic and sports learning.
  • Advice on finding clubs for practice.
  • Total commitment SoccerEmotions team with the client.
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